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Vincent R. Cestone : From Ashburnham to Cachora

Vincent R. Cestone

Vincent R. Cestone has been working as a music educator in NJ for nearly fifteen years. He started his career after receiving his Bachelor’s in Music from the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston.

Vincent R. Cestone is the Director of Medicine firm near his home in NJ, where he teaches people how to survive in the wilderness with limited access to medical services, food, and water. Vincent R. Cestone teaches people how to work in mountain and wilderness rescue team and save lives after natural disasters. Vincent R. Cestone spent time working with several other organizations to help people with medical care all over the world. Vincent R. Cestone has also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity near his own community to construct buildings that provide services and help everyone.

Vincent R. Cestone From Ashburnham to Cachora

Vincent R. Cestone traveled from NJ to Cachora, Peru in 2007 to help people who needed medical care at a clinic there. Vincent R. Cestone loved spending time in the town that has since become popular because of the recent discovery of Inca ruins in the area. It’s still a small town with a few options for lodging for tourists and few ways to get around, including taxis and rent-able minivans. Many people use the small town to load up with supplies and continue the two-day journey to Choquequirao, the Incan ruins that were recently discovered. Houghton helped treat people who didn’t have easy and ready access to medical care. Vincent R. Cestone loved his time in the beautiful area and town and hopes to return at some point soon.

Vincent R. Cestone took his experience and knowledge from his time in Cachora back home with him to Ashburnham, where he relays all the lessons he learned to his students. He hopes to continue to help his students at madical collage save lives.


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