Follow these Twitter Profiles Shared by Vincent Cestone for Best Source of News

Here in this post Vincent Cestone shared some top twitter profiles that are best source of news. Follow these profiles and get updated about any news as soon as you can.

Here is the list:

#1. Wall Street Journal

#2. CNN

#3. NYT Politics

#4. BBC World

#5. Time

#6. ABC News

#7. Bloomberg

#8. Yahoo News

#9. Mashable

#10. FOX News

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Vincent R. Cestone Share Tweets of the Top Trending Topics in The States [#TwitterTrends]

There are many hot topic around the world that you should know about. But in this post Vincent R. Cestone shared some top tweets from the top trending topics on twitter in The States. Go through this post and share your views on twitter about these topics.

#1. Trending Topic: #SignOfTheTimes

#2. Trending Topic: #WWIII

#3. Trending Topic: “Isn’t She Lovely”

#4. Trending Topic: #HarryStyles

#5. Trending Topic: “Brian Williams”

#6. Trending Topic: #SomethingDifferentOutNow

#7. Trending Topic: #WorldHealthDay


#8. Trending Topic: “THE BULLET”

#9. Trending Topic: “HIS LAUGH”


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Vincent Cestone Shared Most Useful Medicinal Plants

Vincent Cestone Shared Selected Tweets from Trending Topics in The States [#TwitterTrend]

Today there are many topics that are hot on Twitter in The States. In this post Vincent Cestone shared some top tweets related the trending topics. Don’t forget to share your views about the trending topic via comment section:

#1. Trending Topic: #NewCrayonColors

#2. Trending Topic: #85Collapse

#3. Trending Topic: “With or Without Trump”

#4. Trending Topic: #FlashbackFriday

#5. Trending Topic: #friyay

#6. Trending Topic: Kodak

#7. Trending Topic: #TrafficTrackers

#8. Trending Topic: “Jewett Ave”

#9. Trending Topic: “Music Bank”


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Vincent R. Cestone: A Few Reasons to Go Out and Catch a Movie

Vincent R. Cestone is member of a Medical Research Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Vincent R. Cestone : From Ashburnham to Cachora

Vincent R. Cestone is the Director of Medicine firm near his home in NJ, where he teaches people how to survive in the wilderness with limited access to medical services, food, and water. Vincent R. Cestone teaches people how to work in mountain and wilderness rescue team and save lives after natural disasters. Vincent R.…

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Vincent R. Cestone

Vincent R. Cestone has been working as a music educator in NJ for nearly fifteen years. He started his career after receiving his Bachelor’s in Music from the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston.

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